Friday, March 21, 2008

the colors of the flag

With all the talk about Obama, his reverend and race,
i have to give my opinion as a white liberal from the South
(New Orleans)

While a lot of new commentators (OK if you actually call Bill O'Rielly NEWS?)...
While some of these people are not ouright racist, and are carefull what they say,
they have absolutely no IDEA of how big the problem, is, or even what it is.

Here in the big easy, i work with all kings of people on a regular basis,
and have had friends of all backgrounds.
I think that is a bit more common here than it is up north.

What REALLY gets my goat is that Barak Obama gave one of the most inspirational
and important speaches about race in our time,
and not only has it not been recognised as such, but it is being uncriticized
and most of the media has totally missed the point.

What the problem is, is that its OK to hear, but until it actually comes down to actually DOING something, people WONT.
It takes work, and tolerance,
It doesnt take that much, but you have to put one foot in front of the other
to actually take a step in the right direction.

As Obama said, blacks and whites both have some reasons to be angry,
and to have an honest discussion, we must realize this.

Whites think that blacks have too many babies and take advantage of social security,
are lazy, etc... etc...

Blacks think that whites own and run everything, and dont give them a chance
to move up. This includes schools, jobs etc...

It takes work and understanding to realize this and be sympathetic to the other side.

Looking at most of the news commentary, we see NONE of this understanding,
all we see is more division. Many are totally missing the point, and if we dont get it soon,
it will lead to the downfall of this country.

The world is getting much smaller.
With technology and communications, the borders between races are getting smaller,
we are coming closer whether we like it or not.
We HAVE to learn to work together, or we will be at eah others throats.

Such is the case with this administration.
THis admin adding to that, people like Bill Orielly, and other rioght wing commentators are driving a knive between the races and cultures.
The Christian right has all but called every arab an Islamic radical
Al-Qaeda sympathizer.

I think the media has totally overblown the "Obama reverend" story.

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