Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the speed of the universe

i just watched a show about dark matter and dark energy
i think dark matter is really gravity
We dont really know what medium gravity uses.
light uses photons that we once thought to be waves, then particles
then both.
I read that at least one guy thinks the universe isnt expanding,
but everything in it is just getting smaller
(no thats not a joke)
I think its entirely possible that the universe is not really expanding,
but that we just think it is, its an illusion.

Think about the speed of anything....
to determine speed, one needs a reference point.
But what if that reference is moving ?
Then the speed can ONLY be used in relation to the reference,
and NOT the rest of the universe.

Since the earth rotates around its axis,
and the earth revolves around the sun
and the sun revolves around the galaxy
and a galaxy cluster.... etc...etc...

So what if all these come together ?
is there an addition of speed ?

Lets say the earth rotates on its axis (clockwise)
near the equator that would be about 1000 mph
I have no idea on how fast the earth revolves around the sun,
or the sun around the galaxy etc...

but lets say we add all of these together....
lets say it comes to just under the speed of light
say, 500mph less
Then we launch a rocket off the earth at 600mph

Are we then really going faster than the speed of light ?

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