Saturday, November 10, 2007

About this blog

I am creating this to share my ideas about man, our civilization,
evolution, and our place in this world.

Ill start it off with these 2 questions...

WHAT is our subconscious ?

What does that word really mean ?
Since i was raised more of a scientist than a mystic, or religious type, i am inclined to believe that all of our brain activity is from electrical impulses.
But what exactly spurs all these thoughts ?

I think that there is a universal "thread" that binds us all together
I think our consciousness taps into this, especially when we are asleep.

I also think that this has a LOT to do with our ancestors
You know the theory that if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, it rains in Africa or something...

I think that every thought we have somehow effects everyone on the planet, even if in a very small way.
If i go to work and have a bad day, and come home and yell at my kids, all of this has lasting effects, even to the guy on the freeway that i ticked off.

So everything we do, every thought we have becomes part of the record of humanity.
It is there forever, it can never be changed or erased.

The effects of everything our ancestors said and thought are felt today.

Whether or not any of this is embedded in DNA i dont know, but i think it is with all of us
Animals have instincts that tell them what they can eat etc...
I think this is very closely related.

comments ???

How are we different from animals ?

What makes us different ?
Ive heard lots of explanations, none of which i agree with, id like to know everyones view.

I personally think that we ARE an animal, actually, we share over 96% of our DNA with chimps.
HUMANS are a species just like any other animal

We know we have larger brains, and are pretty sure that came about from our ancestors standing upright, the head got larger to expel heat from our bodies better.

The combination of having a larger brain, plus, having 2 free hands to be able to manipulate our environment has led us to be able to create this society.
but thats about all...

human, evolution, animals, god, religion

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